We now offer the services below! These services are fit to your needs and our primary goal is to help our community and be part of the solution to challenges that individuals and families face. 

Please reach out to connect with us at if you have questions or would like to discuss service options.

One-to-One Services  

This service is for children, youth, or adults who identify as neurodiverse, neurotypical, or as having a developmental disability, who need individual support.

We start with a discussion and custom assessment based off current needs or goals.  Then we work with you and others (e.g., families, caregivers, etc.) to create an individualized plan to achieve these goals. We provide this service directly on a one-to-one basis; however, it may be appropriate to include others in the process (e.g., family members, other support people etc.).  We are flexible with where this service should occur (in centre, home, other) depending on a number of factors.  

*Please note, there are many goals that are appropriate for this type of service but it may not be a good fit for everyone. If you have questions or concerns, we would like to connect with you to discuss if this service is a good fit for you.

Examples of Common Goals:

Daily Living Skills

(e.g., toilet training, tooth-brushing, routinesindependence, accessing community resources, laundry, cooking meals, etc.)

Job and Vocation Preparation 

(e.g., interviewspreparing for work settings, having conversations at work etc.)

Challenging Behaviour 

(e.g., aggression, self-injury, property destruction, etc.)

Social Skills

(e.g., social interactions with peers, how to make and maintain friendships, how to have a conversation, creating healthy boundaries, etc.)


(e.g., focus on how to communicate with others, how to use an AAC system, functional communication, language development, etc.)

Adaptability, Advocacy and Resilience 

(e.g., managing challenges in one’s lives, working on flexibility and self-advocacy skills, etc.)

Executive Functioning (e.g., issues with transitions, task initiation, time management, flexible thinking, emotion regulation, organization, etc.).  

    ***If you are looking for support and don’t see your needs described above, please email us*** 

    Caregiver Training 

    In this service, we provide coaching to parents, caregivers, support staff or anyone who needs support to help someone else in their care. Caregiver training is often a recommended part of 1:1 service but can also occur separately. The content of training is based off your needs as a caregiver, the person/people in your care, and may be different on a case-by-case basis.

    We start with a discussion to establish priorities and goals and then complete a custom assessment that informs what the coaching will be.  From the assessment, we create a custom training that gives you tools to provide better support to your loved one(s).  We can discuss where it makes sense for this service to occur (e.g., home, CBS, other).  Over time, we will help you make decisions about how you provide support for effective and lasting change. 

    Examples of Common Goals:

    Changing Your Living Space and Reinforcement

    (e.g., how to change your setup at home to build success, how to get your loved one motivatedhouse reinforcement plans etc.)

    Life Skills and Building Independence

    (e.g., how to help someone access the community, how to build independence throughout the day etc.)


    (e.g., how to use existing communication systems (e.g., PECS, ProLoquo2go, other), how to find and create opportunities for communication throughout the day, how to build communication skills directly etc.)

    Managing Challenging Behaviour

    (e.g., how to avoid and de-escalate a crisis, how to set limits, how to build skills to reduce problem behaviour, how to follow specific plans etc.)

    *** If you are looking for support and don’t see your needs described above, please email us*** 


    Coaching is for adolescents or adults to identify your goals, find a place to start, monitor progress, and de-brief with how it’s going.  We’re in your corner to help you meet YOUR goals!

     Examples of Common Goals:

    Making and sticking to plans or routines

    Learning new skills

    Engaging with your community

    Job prep and vocational skills

    Other goals that you identify 

     ***If you are looking for support and don’t see your needs described above, please email us*** 

    Service Process and Associated Fees 


    • $65/HR 

    What to Expect: 

    1. Intake 
    2. Individualized assessment 
    3. Individualized support  
    4. Ongoing progress monitoring service review 
    5. Discharge process & documentation 

    Applicable funding sources are accepted:

    Determining eligibility for such programs is the responsibility of the client/parent/caregiver.