Fees & Payment Options

The Centre for Behavioural Studies is part of St. Lawrence College and is therefore is a not-for-profit organization. We receive funding through donations, research grants, and by offering fee-for-service programs to the general public.  

Clients enter into a service agreement with the Centre and are required to pay for services at the time of, or prior to, or shortly after service delivery. Some of the services we provide are covered by private health insurance plans and are eligible for reimbursement through your insurer. As well, some families pay for our services with funds made available through the Ontario Autism Program or Special Services at Home (SSAH).

Our cost for a Behaviour Assessment with a Behaviour Therapist and Clinical Supervisor, and for individual interventions with a Behaviour Therapist is $55 per hour. Clients will be charged an additional half-hour per session to account for the preparation for each session along with the data recording following the appointment. In cases where the Therapist or Clinical Supervisor is required to travel outside of Kingston for an appointment, mileage will be charged. 

You may also be eligible for funding through an Ontario Government funded program such as:

Determining eligibility for such programs is the responsibility of the client/parent/caregiver.