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Functional Behaviour Assessment Clinic

Sometimes it is hard to understand why we are seeing certain challenging behaviours in our children. This fall, clinicians at the Centre for Behavioural Studies are offering Functional Behaviour Assessment to help parents and other caregivers understand why these behaviours may be taking place. If you want to learn more, please reach our to Laura Campbell, MA, BCBA @ lacampbell@sl.on.ca Functional Behaviour Assessment Clinic Flyer

Research Study: to assess the effectiveness, efficiency, and preference for parent training completed in-person versus telehealth

This research study is looking to assess the effectiveness, efficiency, and preference for parent training completed in-person versus telehealth. If you choose and are selected to participate, you will be trained on how to assess your child's preferred items and how to use these preferred items and prompting strategies to teach your child a needed activity of daily living skill such teeth brushing, hand washing, face washing, dressing, etc. to promote their independence skills. There will be no cost associated with the training provided to you.

If you would like to learn more about the project or are interested in becoming involved then please contact our Masters student Ashley Lloyd at AALloyd@sl.on.ca or 613-544-5400 x1640.

This study has been approved by Florida Institute of Technology’s Hybrid IRB & St. Lawrence College’s REB.

Aided Language Modelling

A new research study comparing two teaching strategies to increase communication with the use of Proloquo2Go in children with ASD requires participants that meet the following criteria:  

Ages 3 to 8 years, Diagnosis of ASD, Uses Proloquo2Go to communicate, Normal hearing and vision

Research participants will receive individualized intervention sessions for 45 minutes, twice a week for at least 4 weeks, and up to a maximum of 20 weeks, at no cost.

To learn more, or to register your child as a research participant, please contact: Meaghen Shaver, MSc, BCBA, mshaver@sl.on.ca 613-544-5400 x1128

Building Behavioural Solutions Conference

The Centre for Behavioural Studies at St. Lawrence College (SLC), hosted the 10th annual Building Behavioural Solutions Conference (BBS Conference) in April 2019. The conference was held April 17-18, 2018 in St. Lawrence College's new Conference Centre. As with many past BBS conferences, we were pleased to be sponsored by the Southeast Region Ontario Autism Services based at the Maltby Centre in Kingston, Ontario. As always, this conference brought together experts in the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis to discuss emerging research, novel approaches, systemic realities and provide a wonderful opportunity for working professionals, students and other stakeholders to network and deepen their understanding of Applied Behavioural Analysis. 

Speech and Language Assessment Clinic at the Centre for Behavioural Studies

The Centre for Behavioural Studies at St. Lawrence College provided two 8-week blocks of weekly speech therapy sessions to a total of 17 clients. Christiane Haberl, Speech- Language Pathologist (SLP), Reg. CASLPO, and professor and coordinator of the Communicative Disorders Assistant (CDA) Program, provided the half-hour weekly sessions to children between the ages of 4 and 8 years. The children all have a mild-to moderate speech sound disorder, i.e. difficulty with pronouncing a few speech sounds.

CDA students were assigned in small groups of two or three students to each of the 10 clients for the duration of the 8-weekly sessions. Students were observing and participating in the sessions, which were led by Christiane. The Centre’s bright and friendly therapy rooms easily accommodate the children, parent, students and SLP.

This experiential learning opportunity is linked to CDAP 100 – Articulation and Phonology and is  offered as an 8-week lab for this course. CDAP 120 – Principles of Therapy and Programming is another course that relates to this real world learning experience. Students must complete weekly lab-observation assignments that directly relate to topics covered in CDAP 120, such as collecting data and observing intervention techniques (prompting, modeling, shaping, reinforcement, feedback, and error correction). The final assignment for CDAP 100 will involve students developing a lesson plan and carrying out articulation therapy intervention with their assigned child (under direct supervision of Christiane) and creating home practice programs.

The feedback from both parents and CDA students was very positive. Attendance was very good, and the children seemed to enjoy the activities, eagerly running into the therapy room. "Having this practical experience has been invaluable for my CDA students. I can observe how students are relating their observations to the topics we cover in class, allowing for deep and meaningful learning. Being able to practice listening for speech sounds and noticing the minute changes in articulation that result from a clinician’s use of intervention techniques is something I could never re-create in a classroom-teaching situation. This experience, along with the interaction with children and parents, is going to allow my CDA students to be very well prepared for field placement", says Haberl.

"Many thanks to everyone who has been involved in making this happen, specifically Louise Chatterton Luchuk, for approving my learning plan for CDAP 100, with the creation of this lab, and to Pamela Johnson, manager of the Centre for Behavioural Studies for supporting the logistical aspects of the clinic." Thanks to Christiane, her students and the families who all made our first experience in running a learning clinic so successful.

Registered Behaviour Technician Training

The Centre for Behavioural Studies celebrates its 1st year in operation by providing a promotional discount for the RBT training and testing! Learn more by visiting our registration page!

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