Building Behavioural Solutions Conference 2023

We were grateful to host the #BBSCon for the 11th time! We were looking forward to hosting the 2020 conference, but were not able to move forward with that due to the pandemic. Through the last 2+ years, many valuable contributions have been made to the field of behaviour science and access to online learning has grown exponentially. However, the value of face-to-face interactions and in-person learning has been highlighted throughout the past few years, and led us to plan an in-person conference the 2023 conference. 

Unfortunately, right before the conference, Fort Lauderdale experienced a 1-in-1000 year historic rainfall event and our speaker was unable to leave the state. However, with the technology available to us, we were still able to offer the 2023 conference in-person, and had Merrill join us virtually. We still had a great day of informative talks and connecting with everyone for our first post-pandemic event!

A special thanks to all the attendees, volunteers, committee members, and speaker who were all integral in the success of the 2023 conference!


Merrill Winston

Merrill is a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst who has worked in the field of Developmental Disabilities for over 35 years. Merrill has worked in small group homes, large residential facilities, secured facilities, family homes and schools with a broad population who exhibited behavior problems that ranged from mild to life-threatening. He is comfortable working with both verbal and non-verbal individuals and both children and adults with a range of diagnoses. His strengths include relating to direct-care staff in a manner that sets them at ease and working in real-time with children and adults. He excels in public speaking and has given numerous presentations at various professional conferences throughout the country. His areas of interest are crisis prevention and intervention, psychotropic medication usage with special populations and the development and implementation of training programs designed to increase the skill levels of parents, professionals, teachers, and direct-care staff. His goal when working with clients with behavior problems is not the simple reduction or elimination of the problem per se but the larger goal of defining and trying to manage and/or solve the problems faced by individuals with special needs and their families. 

Poster Gala

The 4th year Honours Bachelor of Behavioural Psychology students presented their thesis posters during the lunch hour poster gala. Thank you to everyone who attended, inquired about their theses, and supported our local program!