St. Lawrence College’s vision is to be a globally recognized college, delivering innovative learning opportunities and preparing career-ready graduates to be leaders in their fields. The Centre for Behavioural Studies contributes to that vision by acting as a learning lab for students in the College’s behavioural programs: Honours Bachelor of Behavioural Psychology, Behavioural Science, Autism & Behavioural Science, and Communicative Disorders Assistant. The Centre provides students with opportunities to participate in and observe client interventions, engage in research, collaborate with professionals in the field, and complete excellent placement training. Each program’s behavioural sciences courses embed the Centre into learning objectives and course activities in order to provide students with enriching experiential learning opportunities. The Centre also offers cross-disciplinary learning opportunities for students in a wide variety of programs. 

Service Delivery:

The Centre for Behavioural Studies offers services to groups that are client-centred, evidence-based, and strength-based. We offer consultation services to organizations and communities using behavioural science to encourage individuals, teams, and organizations to work together to make better decisions and to achieve better outcomes. We offer professional development services for ABA, behavioural practitioners, and organizations. 


The Centre conducts Applied Research by supporting research teams, funding research projects, and conducting original research to increase evidence-based practices and expand knowledge and use of behavioural science and applications across client populations and disciplines. Our research is interesting and varied including topics as diverse as: the effectiveness of behavioural interventions using technology; the use of ABA to improve financial literacy in college students; the benefits of behaviour-based group therapy in improving coping skills, communications skills, and family bonding after divorce; curriculum assessment and program development for skill acquisition for individuals with autism spectrum disorder; and combining speech language and ABA intervention for primary school children.