Types of Services We Offer

The Centre for Behavioural Studies offers individual and group programming. If you are interested in requesting a service, please fill out our Request for Services Form. If you require assistance to fill out the Request for Services Form, please call us. Please check back frequently for updates on our services.

Autism Services – the Centre offers a wide range of Autism services and programs, including comprehensive (IBI) and focused services, after school, and group programs. 

Developmental Services – The Centre offers a wide range of developmental programs for children, youth, and adults, including social and life skills building, reducing problem behaviours, and building transitional skills.

Behavioural Services – Behavioural assessments are conducted at the Centre, in homes, or in the community.  Intervention plans are created and can be implemented by Centre staff or training can be provided to other caregivers to reduce the problem behaviours based on the assessment and intervention plan. 

Parent and Caregiver Training Programs – The Centre offers evening and weekend seminars designed to help parents and caregivers develop the skills to use ABA to help their family members build the skills to succeed.

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Organizational behaviour, consumer behaviour, and team dynamics are examined through a behavioural science lens to help leaders, managers, decision-makers, students, stakeholders, and the public/consumers make better decisions and work more productively.  Our consulting services include professional development in-house training sessions, public training and webinars, change management, employee wellness programs, etc.  To inquire about how our team can help you with your unique needs, please contact us.