Types of Services We Offer

The Centre for Behavioural Studies offers individual and group programming. If you are interested in requesting a service, please fill out our Request for Services Form. If you require assistance to fill out the Request for Services Form, please call us. Please check back frequently for updates on our services.

Autism Services – the Centre offers a wide range of Autism services and programs, including comprehensive (IBI) and focused services, after school, and group programs. 

Developmental Services – The Centre offers a wide range of developmental programs for children, youth, and adults, including social and life skills building, reducing problem behaviours, and building transitional skills.

Behavioural Services – Behavioural assessments are conducted at the Centre, in homes, or in the community.  Intervention plans are created and can be implemented by Centre staff or training can be provided to other caregivers to reduce the problem behaviours based on the assessment and intervention plan. 

Parent and Caregiver Training Programs – The Centre offers evening and weekend seminars designed to help parents and caregivers develop the skills to use ABA to help their family members build the skills to succeed.

CBS offers clinical services. We engage our students in learning to benefit children with autism in our community. We provide a range of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) services for children with autism and their caregivers. Our experienced staff conduct behavioural assessments, recommend appropriate evidence-based services and work with families to deliver those services while engaging our students in Behavioural Science in their learning and application of skills learned in their academic programs.  

Our therapists deliver behavioural services under the supervision of Board-Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBA).  

Our students are studying behavioural science in our Autism Behavioural Science Program (AUBS), Behavioural Science Program (BSP) and/or our Honours Bachelor of Behavioural Psychology Program  (B Psych). St Lawrence College is a proven leader in Behavioural Science and has educated students for over 40 years. 

Individual Services:

Individual therapy is delivered by therapists supervised by clinicians. All therapy is based on behavioural assessments and recommendations of the BCBA clinician. Currently, in the Fall 2021, we are delivering the new LEAF Program in the mornings. Individual Therapy will be offered to families (registered with CBS by date of referral) in the afternoons as spots become available. 

Each period of individual therapy includes: 

  • Weekly, regular hourly sessions at the Centre. Other settings may be considered. 
  • Delivered in 12-week blocks with fees. Fewer weeks may be provided as clinically recommended. 
  • Assessments, therapy, Behaviour Plans, clinical oversight by BCBA, regular communication (in person and/or virtual) with family, guidance in extending strategies to the home or other settings. 
  • Extra costs: travel time; extra reports; meetings, other. 
  • Extra costs: Additional hours for individual therapy ($65 per hour) and/or additional assessments or BCBA supervision ($125 per hour). 

Examples of fees for 12 weeks of individual therapy with our therapists under the supervision of clinicians. 

  • 10 therapy hours per week: $8200 (120 hours) $65 per hour= $7800 plus $400 admin 
  • 5 therapy hours per week: $4200 (60 hrs) $65 per hour= $3900 plus $300 admin

    Small-Group Services 

    Currently, we facilitate one group at a time. CBS staff will contact families who have registered with CBS (based on date of referral and fit for a specific group) to discuss their interest in a group we are offering. We provide a screening questionnaire to help us determine if the child would benefit from the group and to ensure a positive learning experience for each child.  

    Therapy is delivered in groups of 3 to 5 children, within a specific age range. Therapists deliver the therapy under the supervision of clinicians. All therapy is based on individual needs, behavioural assessments, caregiver input and recommendations of the BCBA clinician.  

    Caregiver Education and Consultations 

    • Weekly caregiver sessions: individual or small groups; virtual and/or in person. 
    • Caregiver education, training and coaching: individual and group.  
    • Brief individual consultations with caregivers. 
    • Virtual sessions to support maintenance and generalization of gains made during therapy.  

      Special Requests for Service 

      • We consider individual requests for services outside our series when our schedule permits. 

      Organizational behaviour, consumer behaviour, and team dynamics are examined through a behavioural science lens to help leaders, managers, decision-makers, students, stakeholders, and the public/consumers make better decisions and work more productively.  Our consulting services include professional development in-house training sessions, public training and webinars, change management, employee wellness programs, etc.  To inquire about how our team can help you with your unique needs, please contact us.