Calendar of Programs & Services

The services and programs offered at the Centre will change as our teaching programs cycle through the school year. The clinics listed below are offered in addition to our other services, which include Behaviour Therapy. Please refer back to this site often for updates and announcements of new programming. 

Who is Eligible
When it is Offered
Skill Building Clinic Children ages 2-10 yrs with an ASD Tues and Thurs between 3-5 pm Jan 14-Feb 20. $180 Open
Behaviour Therapies (target audience, ages, etc.) (Dates) (Fees)

ABA Full/waitlist

Research Study - Comparing two teaching strategies to increase communication with the use of Proloquo2Go in children with ASD Children with an ASD

Ages 3 to 8 years

Diagnosis of ASD

Uses Proloquo2Go to communicate

Normal hearing and vision

Research participants will receive individualized intervention sessions for 45 minutes, twice a week

for at least 4 weeks, and up to a maximum of

20 weeks, at no cost.

No cost Open
PA Days and March Break Programming For all children including children with ASDs, ADHD, developmental disabilities and children with other learning needs ages 4-18

$65 per day, per child.  Accepting clients. Complete a request for services form